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How to Choose the Right Backpack for the Gym?

Backpacks are essential for the regular gym-goers. And the best workout backpack should not fail to accommodate all the clothing, gear and food in one place. However, how would you know that a backpack is right for your gym? As the leading gym bag manufacturer in Kolkata, we have answered this important question for gym enthusiasts in the city.

Workout backpack essentials you should look out for

When you choose a gym bag, you need to ensure that it has all the necessary features. Here, we have compiled all the must-have features for your gym backpack.

The sturdiness of the backpack

The important property of a good gym backpack is undoubtedly the sturdiness. You must closely assess the durability of the materials.

The number of compartments

The second most important thing is the number of compartments. It must have many compartments of diverse shapes and sizes. This way, it can show promises to accommodate toiletries, shoes, shakes and other devices.

Presence of strong zips

Although most gym bags are made from durable and high-quality materials, they should also have strong zips to protect all your essentials from the onslaught of weather.


You may need to pile all your sweaty clothes into your bag. That is precisely why you should look for a backpack made from breathable materials. This way the moisture will get to evaporate faster and the bag will remain free of odour.

The level of organisation

Some gym bags come in a very intuitive organisation. They come with more pockets and padding in their straps. In the front pocket, you can easily pack your wallets and keys. The larger gym bag is the right choice for those who are required to travel with gym clothes and a lot of toiletries.

The right size

The medium-sized gym backpack is usually 30 to 40 litres. They are perfect for accommodating your bottle, sneakers, clothes, fitness gloves and a myriad of other small kits. But, if you want to use the same gym bag for hiking and travelling purposes, we suggest you aim for a larger size, around 50 litres.

The material

In terms of materials as well, gym bags come in a variety. The most common fabrics are: water-resistant and durable polyester, biodegradable leather, lightweight and breathable neoprene bags and stylish vinyl backpacks. You should choose the material deliberately and carefully.

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